January 2013

The outlet for the increasing tension between us is usually an argument or debate over one trivial matter or another.  One of our dumber fights starts when bK visits me at work.  I made the mistake – keeping in mind that I usually see him in sweats or shorts (or nothing at all) of noting his monogrammed suit pockets and (very nice) fancy watch.  Sigh.  Just like that a pleasant surprise visit turns into a silly fight about whether I know him or my assistant better.  He suggests that maybe he should stop training me nude since he is apparently a stranger and adds that he thought I knew him better.  LMAO.  Ironic.  I let a perfect chance to segue into his yet to be acknowledged engagement pass, and choose peaceful resolution.  Always channeling Gandhi…  I would like our remaining months together to be pleasant – at least by our standards. 

Per the usual, we return to peaceful co-existence by the following day.  FLOTUS’ birthday has him in a good mood…just not one good enough to keep him from commenting on the increased circulation between my thighs during the workout.  Note:  If you exercise with someone that you are physically attracted to, do not have him (or her) standing naked and watching you within your line of vision while you do floor exercises.

Despite the semi-hostile undertone of our exchanges, my mind keeps returning to bK’s “master” offer.  One last bite at the apple before his relationship is “official” for old time’s sake.🙂  A lapse in judgment caused by our bipolar relationship and a moral compass weakened by a recent dry spell.  But when I mention that it is unfair that I only got one (or 3+) shot at being the “master” during massage sessions bK claims that I forfeited the right since I failed to “actuate” and carry out my duties on all previous occasions.  😦  Fine, but no master status means no more sensual massages.

One person is always manipulating the other in this relationship and it isn’t always clear who is playing what role.

Massage Rating:  8.5/10; He had nothing but a tank top on and ended with an intimate yoga tutorial, but we argued the whole time.


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