2012 Sunset/2013 Sunrise

The internet is a wonderful but scary place.  Within days of hearing that my friend/personal trainer/masseur is engaged, I confirm it with a five-second google search.  I’m pissed, amused, confused – why not mention something so momentous? 

And yet… we move into a distorted version of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in which his engagement is not acknowledged or discussed and we continue with occasional naked or underwear only training days as usual.  If anything, I am more comfortable with the nudity – his engagement serves as a safety net that things won’t degenerate too far (a few stray squeezes never hurt anybody).  BUT there are definitely some routines that make me acutely aware that I have no clothes on – naked ab work with an exercise ball is not for the faint of heart.

At the same time, I am brooding that I had to hear from someone else that the dude who is half naked in my crib on a regular basis is engaged.  We alternate between pleasant workout sessions with good conversations on the days that I don’t focus on it and tense “serious voice” days in which we barely speak on the days that I can’t get past it.  On the latter days there is hardly any space for us to workout – the elephant in the room sucks up all the air and obliterates any chance at positive energy.  Couples go to therapy, family members go to therapy, friends go to therapy…has anyone ever gone to therapy with their personal trainer?  Because right about now it feels necessary.

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