October 2012

Matters of Health: bK introduces an instant ginger drink into my life and it is absolutely delicious. I basically drink at least one cup daily. I haven’t tried to use it to make a poor tippler’s gold rush yet but that’s imminent. If you enjoy the taste of ginger definitely pick up these crystals — you will not regret it (although I don’t guarantee that). So tasty and I think they are good for digestion. On the mental health tip, he suggests that I read “Black Pain” by Terrie Williams. Supposedly I’ve been moody and maybe my eyes are silently broadcasting my inner pain. This is what happens when I get pissed off about anything – serious voice plus insinuations about my mental health. The book is LONG so I’m obviously not going to buy it, but the Amazon reviews are decent so I might just read it one day.

Mystery Trips: We take a week off from training because bK is traveling. To maintain the peace, I don’t bother asking why he is being so secretive about a trip to see his friend when we have been talking about this stuff for months. The things I do for discounted personal training (and to avoid serious voice). Then it pisses me off that I miss him while he is gone. When he gets back he announces that he is getting off Facebook because it is a waste of time.

Descent into Bucket Nekkidness (sic): bK suggests that I answer the door naked if I lose a bet. I win the bet but make a mental note that nudity is now acceptable betting currency. 😉

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