Second Massage

The second in-home massage is at the end of September. I appreciate that bK is willing to lug the table on the train.

The first half hour is like any normal massage – neck, back, legs, arms, etc. Then he gets to my inner thighs and the pressure of his touch changes. Danger on the horizon….His fingers are teasing and caressing, feather touches along my lips, stroking along my inner things and massaging my p—y from the outside slowly, very slowly. Mmmmmmm. This is unlike any spa massage that I’ve ever had. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. The cover sheet is gone – on the couch somewhere and I have nothing to hide the fact that I am soaked. All I have to do is shift towards those magic fingers or say the word for more. I want to….but MUST. HAVE. DISCIPLINE. I concentrate on the anklet like it is a wedding band and remain motionless and silent (maybe a stray moan or two, but I am only human).

Massage Rating: A 9.9/10. 90 minutes of pleasure/torture. Massages are supposed to relieve not heighten tension.


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