Ramadan/Fall 2012

Fasting has bK back to his modeling weight. Lovely view when he strips down to lounge in central park. My new favorite Sunday afternoon activity whenever possible – second to brunch. If I may say so, I’m also in great shape and despite all of the background issues the workouts continue to be great. Having to let your personal trainer in at 7:30 am is a good way to make sure you workout early in the morning.

Kinder and gentler times during this season…until I am late with the September check. The calm waters never last. At the end of September bK floats the idea of a new workout routine called Scandalous that is a “companion workout for 50 Shades”, and introduces the concept of being the “slave” to my “master”.  Tempting, tempting, tempting. I keep it light but tell him that if I was his master I would have him doing all kinds of things. Seems like a good time to schedule a second massage…

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