Spring 2012

Does every single person reach a certain age at which they look back at their exes to see which one might still make a good father/mother? I guess bK is at that stage because our conversations have been dominated by that topic. Running through the list of potential vessels for the golden child and, unfortunately, my choice is not a frontrunner. Too bad. I don’t yet have a list so he helpfully reminds me that women don’t have the luxury of waiting as long. Personal training and conception planning all wrapped up in one package!

The workouts are going well. I have picked up interval training on a treadmill on off days which has noticeably improved my stamina. If you only have 15-20 minutes, a warm-up plus 6-8 sets of 20-30 second sprints with a 10 second rest in between each is a fantastic workout. If you want to amp it up, increase the incline and sweat out the stress. I picked up a Nike fuel band – it provides a bright LED applause on the days I hit my goals and silent disapproval on the days I fail.

Training temperature check – warm. We are getting along comfortably with no bickering. It is almost shocking. When the weather warms up I notice the anklet. Since I don’t know a lot of adult men who wear anklets and I can be a bit of a$$hole sometimes, I can’t help but ask about it. Senor Cagey McHedge is evasive and mumbles something about a European lady giving it to him. Interesting…Ooookay. I don’t want to this springtime of congeniality to end so I let it go. But it ends anyway and I don’t get invited to Dance Africa on Memorial Day as punishment for being “difficult” 😦

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