March 2012

Our respective birthday events pass with minimal drama. Meanwhile the workouts are proceeding (relatively) well; 3x a week plus I’ve built in a solo cardio day so I am in a great exercise groove. More chocolate and wine for me 😉

Still, the debates can be draining. Why can’t we just get along in peace? Lately it’s a lot of noise about the shortcomings of ivy leaguers and 1%ers (selfish, underpay service providers, overwork little hands, etc…). The former annoys me because it’s untrue and his friend is also an ivy leaguer, while the latter annoys the sh-t out of me because he earns more than I do. I don’t bother pointing out the hypocrisy. There is no need to fall into “serious voice” routines over it. Call me Madame Jellyfish – no spine.

Sometimes I wonder if the personal training is worth the psychological gamesmanship/emotional rollercoaster, but that level of introspection is not going to build a better body. At the end of the month bK and I agree to a combination of additional massages and 4 days of training to make up missed days from the prior quarter. Seems innocent enough…


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