Early February 2012

So close!  bK and I almost made it through two successive super bowls without any drama.  Unfortunately I make the mistake of saying that he likes to be the center of attention during our first post-party workout.   It’s true but I immediately regret it because of the painful discussion about his level of modesty that follows.  He proceeds to sulk through the rest of the session with “serious voice” on all exercise counts.  Serious voice is low, stern and all-business — no joking or smiling.  It is never a good sign if I’m getting serious voice.  I usually counter serious voice with silent compliance – the ceiling and walls in my apartment become the most engrossing scenery imaginable at those times.  The only thing that would have made it worse was if it had been an arms day.  I cannot stand arms workouts unless I’m hung-over in which case they are a welcome respite.

Later that morning, I send him a sincere text later that morning reaffirming how awesome he is since I am the Gandhi of this operation.  It is only marginally effective and  I spend the rest of the week trying to clean up the whole immodest characterization because bK refuses to let it drop.  Because at the house of dysfunctional exercise pleasant conversation is seamlessly entwined with acrimonious debate, we discuss Valentine’s Day plans that week as well.  He is no longer be attending a previously mentioned Valentine’s Day mixer because Texas asked him to be her Valentine while I’m going to dinner with “L” who I know better than to still be dating.


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