First Massage

My personal trainer officially became my in-home massage therapist on super bowl Sunday 2012.  Mmmm, champagne extravagance on a prosecco budget!  What does one wear to their first in-home massage from a friend formerly with occasional benefits?  Calvin Klein bikini briefs – practical, not particularly sexy but not old lady drawers either.  A nice middle ground since I was too weak to go nude.  Thankfully it didn’t matter, bK just slid them aside and stroked away…a nice 20 minutes of deep tissue work.  The gluteal muscles are an important (and in my case sizable) mass so it would have been a real shame to leave them unattended 😉  Seventy-five minutes of pure delectable relaxation.  Afterwards, I smoked an e-cig went to brunch and then to a super bowl party he was hosting that evening feeling nice and limber.

Massage Rating:  A solid 9.7/10.  Very relaxing but his hands were cold and I had to supply my own music.  bK said that he would strive for a 10 in the future.  I should have listened…

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