Personal Training Begins

At the end of 2010, I received a text message out of the blue from my friend “bK”. We haven’t spoken in almost two years so a text asking about my exercise habits is random. My habits are sporadic use of an elliptical whenever I feel like I’m getting too flabby – no regular exercise routine.  While random, the text is right on time and after some back and forth, we negotiate an arrangement for bK to train me.  He is a high end personal trainer and I normally would not splurge on his rates, but I’m able to negotiate a sweet rate.

We start in the spring.  The start of each workout day is scented with Brut 33. bK is pretty liberal with it and it hits me as soon as I open the door and then trails behind him as he walks up the stairs.  That scent still makes me feel like I should go jump on a treadmill.

At the end of the year, bK mentions that he is getting licensed as a massage therapist to expand business which I think is a great idea. We joke about the opportunities available to a private masseur…A few weeks later as part of a settlement of old bets and to help bK meet his licensing requirements (I am magnanimous like that), we agree that he will give me some  free massages.  That’s what friends are for – any anyway, who in their right mind would decline free massages from a trained massage therapist? 🙂

We make it through the year peacefully and in December I sign up for another year.  And then it got interesting.

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