There can be many benefits to exercising with an in-home personal trainer.  Among these are programs tailored to meet your fitness goals, flexible scheduling, having a bootleg therapist and exercising in a more private setting.  In this case, clothing optional sessions and sex interludes eventually became additional benefits…

I met my friend and former personal trainer “bK” in 1999 when I was in my second year of grad school.   He was hard to miss – 6’3, maybe 240, a former model and special operations military member.  He was 31 and fresh out of a relationship, I was 22 and single – the timing seemed right for a bit of fun.  Too bad we spent several weeks, flirting, watching movies and having tame sleepovers.

Between 2001 and 2011, bK and I were in and out of touch, hung out for two very memorable super bowl events, I discovered drunk texting (I was an innovator), we had miscellaneous drama, including a short attempt to workout together in 2006 that ended when he faded out of touch.
Against this background it makes perfect sense that in 2011 we would decide that he should be my personal trainer…

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